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Why Toothbrushes?

In addition to making smiles brighter, toothbrushes aid in better oral health, which can have a direct positive impact on overall health, as well as self esteem. Poor oral hygiene can cause serious health issues by promoting the spread of bacteria in the body, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, pregnancy complications and premature birth.

Dr. Oz says not brushing can put your life at risk:

People with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease:

The world has more cell phones than toothbrushes:
“The United Nations said…the globe has more cell phones than toothbrushes” (International Telecommunications Union 2010; Rosenblum 2010).
… Clyde H. Bentley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Missouri

Oral bacteria has been found in the plaques that block arteries:

Gum disease takes a toll on a person’s ability to fight off illness:

Toothpaste is not necessary:

Nearly half a billion people in china never brush their teeth:

Periodontal disease in women can cause preterm, low birth weight babies:

Just like a cold, you can “catch” a cavity, and brushing can help:

Good teeth protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancer:

Poor oral hygiene leads to poor overall health:
”The surgeon general estimates that 85 percent of Americans have gum disease – which makes it one of the six major risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. Indeed, the plaque in our mouths is the same as the plaque in our arteries, so if you have bleeding gums, that stuff is entering your bloodstream.”
… Jane Glenn Haas, Orange County Register

“Our mouth is the gateway to health…our mouths are where our life begins, so don’t let it end there.”
…Daniel L. Sindelar, DDS, author of Refresh Life

Toothbrush is selected as #1 invention Americans cannot live without:
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