Delivering Toothbrushes and Smiles Worldwide.

How Can I Help?

Thank you for your interest in helping Global Grins deliver toothbrushes to those in need!

Global Grin Brush pack

Global Grins Delivery Squad

If you are traveling to an area of the world you believe could use some Global Grins toothbrushes (even in your own hometown), and you would like to make a personal delivery to an orphanage, shelter, school, village or other organization, shoot us an email and let us know your plans. We’ll send you a box of 100 toothbrushes to take along. Sorry, USA shipments only. The box is smaller than a shoebox and weighs approximately 2 pounds, so it is easy to pack. It is very rewarding to make a delivery in person, especially for families! All we ask in return is the name and address of your delivery site, so we can make replenishment shipments, along with photos and/or video, so we may add it to our website. Joining the Global Grins Delivery Squad adds a meaningful dimension to family trips, business trips, adventure trips, philanthropic trips and study abroad experiences!

Global Grins Group

Start a Global Grins Group at your grade school, middle school, high school, church group, scouting group, sorority/fraternity or college! Host events to raise funds and awareness of the link between oral hygiene and overall health. Make toothbrush deliveries to local people in need. Become part of the Global Grins mission: To deliver toothbrushes and smiles around the world, improving oral hygiene and therefore, overall health. It’s a rewarding, yet simple way to give back, and you will gain valuable experience in establishing and serving as an officer in an extra-curricular activity. Looks great on job, college, and grad school applications and resumes, too! Email us with your school or group name, level and location, and we’ll send you more info on getting started.

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