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Latest News:

Global Grins will be closed Jan. 20 – Feb. 29

We will be making deliveries in Asia.  The final day to request toothbrushes is Jan. 19!  Please plan ahead :)

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Dave Romanyck is the 1,000th Global Grins Delivery Squader!
Our Board Member of the Year is Kelli Tennant!
Global Grins is featured in Betsy Teutsch’s new book,
100 Under $100, a guide of low-cost solutions and initiatives.
Rocky Braat, subject of Sundance Film Festival award winner,
Blood Brother, is delivering Global Grins toothbrushes to all
of the HIV infected children he has dedicated his life to in India.
The US Embassy in Guyana is delivering Global Grins
toothbrushes as part of its humanitarian missions.
The US Air Force is once again delivering Global Grins
toothbrushes during their Pacific Angel Humanitarian
Mission – this time to Tonga!

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If you are traveling to an area of the world you believe could use some Global Grins toothbrushes (there are people in need everywhere), and you would like to make a personal delivery to an orphanage, clinic, shelter, school, or other organization, shoot us an email and let us know of your plans. We'll send you a box of 100 toothbrushes to take along. Sorry, USA shipments only.

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